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Children from 6 weeks to 2 years share our Infant and Toddler environment. Our priority with these young children is to provide a safe and loving place. 



As children show the ability to walk well while carrying something in their hands, and show signs of being ready to use the toilet, they are moved to our Preschool/PreK's room. Here they refine their social skills, learn to use the toilet reliably, and begin their academic learning.

We help them learn to do things for themselves, and you will be surprised at what they can do. Accomplishment helps build their Confidence and a Love of Learning.



Around the time children turn three, most are ready to follow directions. They can communicate with the teachers and other students. We encourage their curiosity and their desire to learn more about the world with all of the materials in the classroom.

Developmental goals:

Cognitive – problem solving

Language – listening, reading and communicating

Self-help & Self-esteem

Motor Skills – fine and gross, eyes and hands coordination

Social & Emotional Skills

Creative & Imagination

Before/After Schoolers

Kindergarten through 12 years.

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